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Yonkers is the fourth most populous city in the U.S. state of New York (behind New York City, Buffalo, and Rochester), and the most populous city in Westchester County, with a population of 210.453 (according to the Census). Yonkers borders the New York City borough of the Bronx and is located two miles (3 km) north of Manhattan at the cities' closest points.

The city is home to several attractions: the Hudson River Museum, the Sherwood House, the Science Barge, Cross County Shopping Center, Ridge Hill Shopping Center, and Yonkers Raceway, a harness racing track that has renovated its grounds and clubhouse and added legalized video slot machine gambling in 2006 in a "racino" called Empire City. There are also many large shopping areas along Central Park Avenue (NY 100), informally called "Central Ave" by area residents, a name it takes officially a few miles north in White Plains.

Zip codes: 10583, 10701, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10706, 10707, 10708, 10710

Yonkers - New York Private Process Server Services:
Yonkers - NY Witness Subpoena Services
Yonkers - NY Records Subpoena Services
Yonkers - NY Orders Served
Summons and Complaint Served in Yonkers - NY
Summons and Verified Compliant Service in Yonkers - NY
Federal - District Court Subpoena Service in Yonkers - NY
Federal- District Court Summons Service in Yonkers - NY
Citation Service in Yonkers - NY
Writs Served in Yonkers - NY
Out of State / Foreign Subpoena's served in Yonkers - NY
Out of State / Foreign Summons and Citations served in Yonkers - NY
Locate  Services in Yonkers - NY and throughout the entire State of New York

Have your legal action and service of process papers personally delivered and “served” anywhere in Yonkers - New York. All service of process services in Yonkers - NY are handled by our Professional Process Servers and by local private agents who care. All process serving services are available to anyone who needs the assistance of a private process server or courier.

All services are managed and monitored by an account representative who assures your papers will be served properly and all follow up communications with you are handled in a timely manner. Affidavits of service can be mailed and or faxed prior to returning the original document back to your office.

Our Yonkers - New York Process Servers travel throughout Yonkers - New York and are dedicated to making sure your request for service of process upon a defendant or witness is properly handled. Contact with us via email or via Telephone 800. 987. 4680  so we can discuss your specific needs. Applicable State and Federal statutes, civil rules of procedure codes and Laws for serving legal process will guide us through to the proper execution and handling of your service of process needs. Guaranteed.

We are a Yonkers New York private process server management company. We utilize professional Process Server agents and local contacts in Yonkers - NY and most cities throughout New York City and New York counties throughout the state. We are a privately held family owned process serving agency that built its success and reputation by providing our client’s with consistent and reliable results. We are excellent with follow up communications and assure our clients that an appropriate Affidavit (Proof) of Service or applicable Affidavit of Diligence will be furnished upon completion of each service. Most services are available immediately and can be finalized within five - to - seven business days. We also offer expedited services for clients who need immediate service. Expedited service are subject to higher fee's and are handled immediately and as fast as possible.

Our service coverage area's are throughout Yonkers - New York. We have mobile agents covering Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Nassau, Suffolk and most Statewide Cities "Upstate New York." If you can email or fax your service documents to us, we can have your service in the hands of one of our skilled agents within a very short period of time.

We prefer to accept your legal documents via email and or facsimile whenever possible.  We serve legal process upon corporate entities, directors, estates, companies, banks, authorized agents, registered agents, individuals, spouses, government officials, famous people and appropriate authoritative bodies. Upon completion of each service we will provide you with a notarized  court compliant and fully case styled professionally generated affidavit of service / proof of service.

For additional information about New York service of process, please visit our affiliated sites at www.ProcessServerNewYork.com this is our main webpage.

To arrange Yonkers - Process Server Services Contact with us via email or via Telephone 800. 987. 4680 so we can discuss your specific needs.

Our Yonkers - New York Process Servers most frequently serve and deliver the following types of legal documents:

Cease and Desist Orders
Child Custody Summons and Petition
Child Support Summons and Petition
Child Visitation Summons
Circuit Court Actions
Civil Court Actions
Collection Letters
Corporations & Municipalities
County Court Actions
Court Order
Demand for Payment
District Court Actions
Divorce Actions
Divorce Summons and Complaint
Evictions Summons
Family Court Orders
Federal Court Actions
Five- Days Notice to Tenant
Foreclosure Summons
Hold Over Petition and Notice
Landlord Tenant Actions and Notices
Lis Pendens
Matrimonial Orders
Modification Orders
Non-Payment Petition and Notice
Notice of Claim
Notice of Claims
Notice of Motion and Motion
Notice of Pendency
Notice Terminating Tenancy
Notice to Cease and Desist
Order of Protection
Order to Show Cause
Orders to Show Cause
Out of State Legal Actions
Paternity Summons and Petition
RJI Orders
Small Claims Proceedings
State Court Actions
Statement of Claim
Subpoena Ad Testificandum
Subpoena Duces Tecum
Subpoenas; Records, Witness, Custodian of Records, Duces Tecum, Medical Records, Financial Information and Telecommunication records
Summons & Complaints
Summons & Petitions
Summons and Complaint
Superior Court Actions
Supreme Court Actions
Thirty-Days Notice to Tenant
Three-Days Notice to Tenant
Writ of Garnishment

We handle all areas within the City of Yonkers - Service of Process requests via email and or facsimile. We encourage you to not use FedEx, UPS or the US Mail. By sending your service request via fax or email, not only will you be saving expenses and time, but your service request will be handled faster and you may even save a tree!

Yonkers - New York Process Server Services is a Professional Private Process Serving company that specializes in managing, forwarding and organizing support services provided to Attorneys and Legal Professionals. We also offer Nationwide Process Serving Services and specialize in locating and finding witnesses, heirs, people and defendants. My Service of Process Services are specialized in accordance with the needs of my clients and the laws of the issuing jurisdiction and all applicable state and federal laws where service is rendered.

To arrange to have your papers served in Yonkers - New York Private Process Server you may Contact us
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Most Popular New York Cities where we frequently serve all civil process such as, but not limited to, Subpoena's, Orders, Writs, Summons and Complaint, Petitions, Citations, Notices and Demand Letters upon Individuals, Defendants, Witnesses, Corporations, Medical Offices and Financial Institutions.


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A. C. E., Inc.,
Provides New York Statewide Processing and Delivery Services
Private Process Servers and Legal Document Delivery Systems
When you hire us our Private Process Serving Managers will assure:

Peace of Mind
Experienced Agents
Superior Communications
Timely Reports and Paperwork
Proof of Delivery
Real Time Updates
Jurisdictional Affidavits and Proof of Service
Professional Delivery and Private Process Service Excellence
Email Transaction updates
Expertise with Locating Missing People
Direct contact with processing agent assigned to your service request
Advancing Witness Fees
Receiving documents via Email Attachment
Accuracy in Reporting
Scanning Affidavits before Mailing Original
Free Notarization of Affidavits
Images, Photo's, Video and GPS Data
Assured Compliance
Expert Diligence Search and Locate service
Diligence Affidavits
Statutory Services
Transparency of Processing Records
Open Audit of Account
Image Documentation

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What we provide, Nationwide Service of Process Services
We deliver and serve legal documents for a reasonable fee and utilize seasoned contracted professionals to get the job done properly. We understand the many different Statutes and Laws that dictate how we handle our clients' requests. We provide competent and proven skills that assure well focused, timely and successful services. We are expert private investigators and private process servers and are considered the best in the business. We treat each request as if it's a top priority and will go to great lengths to make sure your needs are met, as you expect them to be. We serve and deliver legal documents nationwide and have agents in every city to support us with our efforts.

Nationwide Locate, Skip Trace and Finding and Indentifying the whereabouts people

e are a nationwide service provider of investigation, locate and service of process services. We specialize in finding missing people, locating debtors, locating witnesses, locating birth parents, locating heirs and locating defendants.

We are serious and can prove it
To substantiate our commitment to our business and assure you we are a serious service provider, we developed over 300 informational websites. Some of our web sites specialize in offering investigation services while others offer process serving services and judicial courthouse courier services. If you are seeking nationwide services, please scroll down and view all the different websites we have that offer nationwide process and location services. If you are seeking service of process within a specific city, town or county in Florida, please scroll down. Overall, if you take the time to view our websites you will learn we have gone to great lengths to expand our online offerings. We offer information and we provide useful tools to anyone seeking assistance with investigative matters and or process serving services. We manage service provider agents in every city throughout every state.

Any business who is serious enough to produce, maintain and offer 300 plus websites focusing in on services provided to Attorney's, Law Offices, Banks, Corporations, Insurance companies and government agencies must be dedicated and up to date with all laws and required procedures. We are committed to our clients to the highest levels of success. Our service offerings are provided with professional attitudes and respect. We prove ourselves to hundreds of clients per week and have been doing so for twenty years. With just about 375,000 successful transactions and unparalleled experiences, we will work for you with peak performance and results.

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Nationwide Process Server Services
We provide national Private Process and Delivery Services to all addresses and to any person or business the United States. We are your one stop processing agency for all your court process serving and legal document delivery needs. Some of our most popular websites are:
Atlanta, Boston,  Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Florida, Long Island, Minneapolis, New Orleans, New York, OrlandoPhiladelphia, Seattle

A. C. E., Inc.
New York Statewide Private Process Servers

Our Statewide New York processing services are the most experienced and dependable Service of Process, Delivery,
Document Retrieval, Judicial Courthouse Services, Due Diligence, Skip Trace and Location Services available in New York

We accept Credit Cards, Checks and Money Orders

New York Statewide Process Services -  Service Request Telephone Number: 800. 987. 4680

Process Serving Services  -
Service Request by Email:, please click here → info@AceFLA.com

All information received, communications, email addresses and services provided are strictly confidential. We do not store, save or retain any email addresses or create cookies. All files, date, records, affidavits, investigation reports, evidence, credit card data, account numbers, ACH transactions, email and all other communications are secured and are not available for public or commercial use.

Confidentiality and Security of all communications, matters and Information is Assured.
There are no refunds for services after we receipt of paperwork. All services are prepaid only.

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